Friday, October 9, 2009

Adam featured on ABC News and headed on Humanitarian Trip

My humanitarian work was recently featured in this ABC News piece, so spread the word. I am currently en route to Central America and Brazil where I will be distributing funds raised this spring & summer through our fundraising efforts of our non-profit Cause & Affect Foundation. Check out the C&A blog for more info and sign up onto our e-mail list for field reports. Thanks to all my supporters and baseball fans that have contributed to the cause! See you all in the spring for Opening Day!

BeerGuy featured in Sports Magazine

This month's Norman Einsteins Magazine features a great photo-essay by Stephanie Lim with some nice images of yours truly. Check it out!

2009 Season Wrap-up

October baseball at Wrigley? Yes it's true!!! Well, in all fairness, that was due to the delayed baseball schedule of 2009, but hey, it is a tantalizing idea. Though disappointed neither of my teams made it to the post-season, it was an excellent season for Chicago baseball (and yes, for it's beer vendors as well). Highlights include Beuhrle's Perfect Game, D-Lee's sick numbers, the "We Believe" Cubs Film Premiere, the emergence of Gordon Beckham and working the All-Star Game in St. Louis. Overall, I worked about 150 games of the season, which at an average of 9 cases of beer per game works out to 32,000 cans of beer, which translates to over $210,000 worth of suds! Many thanks to all my regular customers!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

BeerGuy makes All-Star
Proudly representing Chicago, Adam ventured south to Cardinal territory to quench the thirst of our nation's baseball fans on the big stage of the 2009 MLB All-Star Game. The true cause of his trip was to spread word about his humanitarian work with Cause & Affect.

BeerGuy Spreads his Message to Baseball Legends

Five-time All-Star Maury Wills (on left) who set the single-season base-stealing record in 1962, was one of the game's best. The fans at Dodger Stadium would chant, "Go! Go! Go!" anytime he got on base. Whitey Herzog (on right) was a championship-winning manager who developed his own style of play, nicknamed Whiteyball, which concentrated on pitching, speed and defense to win games rather than on home runs.

BeerGuy's Meet & Greet with Iraqi Veterans


While participating in MLB All-Star festivities in St. Louis, the BeerGuy met and congratulated the 150 soldiers from the 5th Engineer Battalion, who recently returned from a 15-month tour of duty in Iraq. BeerGuy discussed his humanitarian work with Cause & Affect Foundation and upon request, signed his baseball cards, though he made it clear that these soldiers from Missouri's Fort Wood are the ones that truly deserve the credit! Thanks for your service, fellas! Good luck!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Round Two goes to the South Siders, but the Beerguy was busier (and sweatier) than the players, as he sold 55 cases of beer in 3 days, which is 1,320 beers. That's a lot of twisted bottlecaps. As always, it was a real pleasure to soak up the collective baseball fever here in Chicago! Thanks to all my loyal fans from North & South sides that came out to support.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Beerguy Appears in Cubs Film "WE BELIEVE"

Adam recently appeared in the critically-acclaimed Cubs film WE BELIEVE. His quote describes the way thousands of fans he has witnessed at Wrigley have attached a spiritual meaning to the stadium and their team. While at the Premiere at the Chicago Theater, he strolled the red-carpet, happy to be out of his work uniform. Apparently, so was D. Lee!

LEFT: (Adam, Derrek Lee, Producer Chad Smith
and Director John Scheinfeld)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Beerguy Receives On-field Accolades

Beerguy Adam Carter was recently awarded for his tireless work ethic and his honesty after reporting an accounting error to his employers, returning $150 in cash to the company. To recognize his honesty, he was named an Employee of the Homestand at US Cellular Field. Bobby Jenks presented him with his award.