Friday, December 3, 2010

RIP Ron Santo

Though I did not now him personally, I respect his work ethic and love for the Cubbies. As one of my favorite players and former Cub great Andre Dawson said, "There was always a smile on his face. Being around the game, with his condition, is what just really made him happy. He loved the Cubs. He loved broadcasting. I just never really heard him complain. He was always smiling. Thank for the memories Ron." Yes, thanks. It's a shame the Cubbies couldn't muster a title in his lifetime, but there's always next year, right Ronny?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

BeerGuy's Tribute Film

Well, another baseball season is in the books, though Chicago's season ended on October 2nd (or as some would argue, much earlier...).

Regardless, it was another fun season taking care of my beloved baseball fans. The BeerGuy is considering retirement, so he put together this film to encapsulate his 17-year career. Hope you enjoy.

Adam's BeerGuy Tribute from adam carter on Vimeo.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

BeerGuy feels the Pain: Attendance down across the MLB

As many Chicago fans (and beer vendors) can attest, attendance has been down this summer, especially this September. Wrigley has had empty bleachers and the sensitive Sox fans lost interest once the Sox began their autumn swoon.

Today's article in the New York Times
illustrates that attendance across the league has still not climbed above pre-recession levels.

Nearing their first division title in 15 years, the Reds drew 12,000 fans to a recent night game, their smallest crowd of the year.

The sight of so many empty seats at stadiums where pennant contenders are vying for a chance to play in the postseason is a glaring reminder that baseball is still not back to its prerecession heights, and that professional sports leagues more broadly continue to suffer from the after-effects of the economic downturn after years of record growth.

Attendance across Major League Baseball is down about a third of 1 percent this year after falling in 2008 and 2009. Declines have been most noticeable in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, where the Mets, the Cubs and the Dodgers have had disappointing seasons, but also in Baltimore, Cleveland and Toronto, where attendance has slipped for several years.

But baseball officials and analysts say that many fans are still pinching pennies, even if economists have declared the recession officially over. With more games broadcast in high definition and the price of flat panel televisions declining, more fans are content to watch their teams at home and perhaps save their money for playoff tickets.

“It’s still a hangover from previous years when everyone was worried about the economy,” said Jon Greenberg, executive editor of the Team Marketing Report, which publishes the Fan Cost Index. “People realize they can do without as many games.”

Monday, September 20, 2010

BeerGuy urges Dave Matthews to Play Everyday at Wrigley!

After setting a personal (and quite possibly a stadium record) with over 1,500 beers sold in two days - that's 63 cases for those counting - BeerGuy has extended a personal invite to the Dave Matthews Band to play at Wrigley Field throughout the month of September. "You're always welcome here, Sir!"

Thursday, July 29, 2010

BeerGuy and Mayor Daley Dodge Flying Sox Bat

Soon after I sold Mayor Daley a Miller Lite, Andruw Jones let his bat fly into the crowd. As you can see from the video, the Big Man was almost hit but luckily he was spared. Judging from Jones' low batting average, it appears he may need a bigger target...

View more news videos at:

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Will MLB Use its Power to Affect Political Change?

Arizona's new immigration law becomes an issue in Major League Baseball

A congressman calls for the league to pull next year’s All-Star game out of the state and protesters show up at Diamondbacks’ game against Cubs in Chicago.

I saw the protests at Wrigley against this racist law and support them whole-heartedly. With the deep links between the Latino population and baseball, it is refreshing to see the league standing up for these people in Arizona. Hopefully, the threat of pulling out MLB's All-star game next year, though not an economic dagger in itself, will open the lawmakers eyes to the fact that a wider boycott of all things Arizona is a strong possibility that will end up costing their state jobs and economic clout.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

BeerGuy on East-Coast "Research" Tour

While on the East Coast for some Cause & Affect fundraisers, I have visited some baseball meccas along the way...
BOSTON - Here at historic Fenway for the long-awaited Red Sox-Yankees match-up. Though beer vendors were prohibited for years here, they have recently been reinstated, but only for those fans in the box seats. Being 10 rows behind home plate, I was able to sample their wares, such as Rhode Island favorite Naragansett Beer. (Call it the New England form of Old Style). Gotta love the Clam Chowder vendor here!

NEW YORK - I had to see what $1,000,000 buys these days, so headed over to the new Yankee Stadium to see the world champion Bronx Bombers match up to the Angels. How many $11 beers does it take to get to one billion dollars? Beautiful stadium but a bit sad to see the treasure trove of memories across the street being torn to pieces to make way for this shiny replacement.
The Beer Guy will be back in Chicago's stadiums in May!