Thursday, April 15, 2010

BeerGuy on East-Coast "Research" Tour

While on the East Coast for some Cause & Affect fundraisers, I have visited some baseball meccas along the way...
BOSTON - Here at historic Fenway for the long-awaited Red Sox-Yankees match-up. Though beer vendors were prohibited for years here, they have recently been reinstated, but only for those fans in the box seats. Being 10 rows behind home plate, I was able to sample their wares, such as Rhode Island favorite Naragansett Beer. (Call it the New England form of Old Style). Gotta love the Clam Chowder vendor here!

NEW YORK - I had to see what $1,000,000 buys these days, so headed over to the new Yankee Stadium to see the world champion Bronx Bombers match up to the Angels. How many $11 beers does it take to get to one billion dollars? Beautiful stadium but a bit sad to see the treasure trove of memories across the street being torn to pieces to make way for this shiny replacement.
The Beer Guy will be back in Chicago's stadiums in May!

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